Talent Category: General Session

88 Times 2 – Dueling Pianos

88 Times 2 - Dueling Pianos brings you the best show on the planet! Professional players with the experience you want and the interaction your event needs, this is request-driven mega-interactive FUN! We bring the most successful and well-received dueling pianos show in the world, with hundreds of contactable reviews to back it up!

A Salute to the 60s

A Salute to the 60s was the result of 1960's Pop Culture and was set in an exhibition of artworks by pop icon Andy Warhol.

Aaron McDonnell and the Neon Eagles

Aaron McDonnell formed the Pop Country band Gin Betty! shortly after moving to Seattle in 2004 recording two albums and quickly found himself with a following playing several top local venues including The Showbox, and The Triple Door. Gin Betty! was featured on a national college radio campaign and received [...]

ABS Crew

ABS Crew 's sophisticated combination of acrobatics, hand-balancing, martial arts, parkour, circus arts

Acoustically Yours

Acoustically Yours is Marc E on Latin Jazz Guitar featuring Steady Joseph on Percussion forms a talented duo performing Latin and smooth jazz pop tunes combining Nuevo Flamenco and lots of groove.


Acrobazia, comprised of Christian Paquet and Jean-Francois Martel, was created in 1991.

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