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Broadway’s Rock of Ages Band

From the cast of the Broadway hit rock musical "Rock of Ages"… For over six years they rocked Broadway, and millions of fans, in a groundbreaking musical... these players have collectively performed over 10,000 performances of the five-time Tony Award nominated show, including the long-running Broadway production, the critically-acclaimed national [...]

Buddy Holly Tribute

Buddy Holly Tribute is dynamite two-act show featuring such hits as “That’ll Be the Day”, “Peggy Sue”, “Oh Boy and “Rave On”.  Zachary Stevenson presents Buddy Holly so perfectly that we seem to be watching a genuine replica of the nerdy, and hip young Texan. He has the guitar licks [...]

Burning Hour

Burning Hour is an acoustic duo with a unique blend of classic to modern rock, pop and soul

Clayton Farhat

Singer-Songwriter from Dallas, Texas. Singer for Jettison Crown, former singer for 121 North, and active solo artist and cover artist.

Custom Made

Custom Made combines great musicianship and showmanship to give you one of the most entertaining evenings of your life

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