Talent Category: Decotainment™

DeVine Delight

DeVine Delight are Living Lighted Vines are a surreal addition to any special event, they're not stilt walkers they are LIVING decor!

Disco Ball Girls

Disco Ball Girls Wonderful, Weird, and Why not! These stunning Disco Ball Girls ARE the disco ball for your disco event! Photos opps galore and well, just really really cool! These greeter characters bring smiles and fun to any event.

Disco Ninjas

Disco Ninjas are available in gold, silver or red, these slinky characters are ideal for interacting with guests and creating a festive atmosphere. The “Di


When your normal DJ would just press play, AFISHAL plays every single note live! Remixing both audio and visuals on the spot, producing the most incredible live show. His Visual DJ Show is revolutionizing the EDM scene already racking up millions of followers on social media. AFISHAL Music specializes in [...]

Edible Bubbles

Bring the latest rage to your next event! https://vimeo.com/730138202 100% edible from start to finish, these delicious helium filled desserts are a dazzler at any event. Watch as our staff create an edible balloon seemingly out of thin air, and then laugh as your voice transforms. Customizable balloon flavors to fit the theme and style of [...]

Epicurean Cycle

The Epicurean Cycle evolved from a wine bike to serve both food and beverage as it pedals through your special event, totally brand-able too!

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