The best interactive entertainment ideas don’t just happen. They are the result of creative cooperation between your event planner and event entertainment management company. It is a careful, thought-out plan for success that actively involves and engages your audience—in the right way. Only through pointed effort and careful consideration can you create a truly dynamic and memorable experience. But fostering that magical connection and a sense of personal attention and interactivity is impossible for the inexperienced, and is no easy task for average event planners.

Selecting the proper acts is the critical initial step for your function to succeed. So, the first job is to know your audience as much as possible and predict how they will respond to different interactive entertainment ideas. This article reveals the top trending interactive entertainment ideas to help you brainstorm what types of engaging entertainment is right for your event’s audience.

Custom-Tailored vs. Off-the-Shelf Entertainment

Customized events offer the best potential for creating immersive, interactive entertainment experiences. In contrast, off-the-shelf entertainment can be hit or miss depending on your understanding of the entertainment act and event’s attendees. In fact, acts requiring little customization or planning can earn a tepid reaction from your attendees if the entertainment falls into the trap of feeling generic and un-enthused. Talented planners tailor their functions using a structured approach. They tap into extensive resources and rely on proven event management and event marketing experts to help them pull off the perfect event with amazing entertainment.

Below are examples of the customizable interactive entertainment acts under Bravo!’s DecoTainment™ umbrella:

Aerial ActsSway Poles, Aerial Saddle, Drone Shows, Lyrical Tree
Balloon EntertainmentAerosphere Giant Balloon Aerialist, Edible Bubble Bar
Cirque PerformancesDiavolo, Gantry Bike, Giant Marionette, Hand Balance
Dance PerformancesFly Dance, Architectural Dance Bach Wall, Dabke
Immersive DécorChampagne Chandelier, 3D Projection Cubes
Interactive DécorAir Living Statues, Epicurean Cycle, Air Sculpture

 The interactive entertainment ideas outlined below are fully-customizable for any event type.

#1 Corporate Events: Interactive Entertainment Ideas

Attendees are tired of outdated, predictable corporate entertainment. Well-worn event ideas coupled with subpar planning and execution result in events that lack relevance and limit impact. Think of the last corporate event you attended and what was underwhelming about the experience. 

Consider spicing up your next corporate event with one of more interactive DecoTainment™ options for event entertainment. This immersive style of entertainment performance guarantees to amaze and engage your audience with shows and one-on-one interactions they will remember long afterward. And that’s the point.

Below are three immersive DecoTainment™ ideas that can work well for your next planned corporate event.

3D Projection Mapping

Your event’s walls, ceilings, and floors are often overlooked locations to increase your event’s entertainment in a fulfilling way. Experience the magic of 3D projection mapping as skilled artists transform any surface into an amazing work of art. Let your audience witness breathtaking animations and mind-blowing effects that are certain to leave a memorable impact on your corporate guests. Whatever your DecoTainment™ ideas, Bravo! Entertainment’s 3D projection mapping can help bring it to life.

Air Living Statues

Air living statues are extraordinary performers that bring sculptures into being. Your guests will enjoy incredible costumes coupled with superb acting skills. The statues interact with attendees, and can provide quite the startling surprise when attendees realize the event’s art is actually alive! Air living statues present golden photo opportunities that guests are certain to share on social media.

3D Projection Cubes

Bring something new, distinct, and different to your corporate event entertainment lineup. Our 3D project cubes are 8’ tall and use 3D mapping projection to cast a wide variety of curated content with something that will be perfect for your event. Inside the cubes, dancers interact with the flowing three-dimensional graphics creating a one-of-a-kind visual spectacle that will mesmerize event-goers.

These are just a few DecoTainment™ ideas to swap the ordinary for the extraordinary. Interactive entertainment is a creative way to bring the magic to your next corporate event and provide off-stage stimuli and interaction opportunities for your event.

Bravo! Entertainment: Interactive Acts for Unforgettable Events

Experience the excitement of Bravo’s interactive entertainment and DecoTainment™ acts for yourself. Think mesmerizing 3D projection mapping, hypnotic living statues, and enchanting swimming mermaids. No one creates diverse interactive entertainment options for every event type like ours. Whether it’s a corporate function, a nonprofit fundraiser, a political gathering, or a private party, we make it remarkable!

Contact Bravo! Entertainment Now and Let the Magic Begin!

#2 Interactive Entertainment for Private Functions

Want to take your private wedding, family party, or adult-oriented event to the next level? You can focus on ensuring attendees enjoy the occasion and leave the event entertainment planning and management to the experts. The interactive entertainment ideas outlined here will leave a favorable impression.

Aerial Bartenders

Aerial bartenders offer a unique and fascinating addition to any private function, whether a family gathering or an adult-oriented event. These talented performers suspend themselves from ceilings with specialized rigging equipment. It’s an interactive spectacle that reframes and event must-have into a fascinating sight as acrobatic performers serve drinks to your guests from above.

Alexa Meade Living Art

Alexa Meade is a renowned artist known for her unique style of “living art.” She blurs the boundaries between reality and art by transforming real-life subjects into living paintings. This special performance offers a one-of-a-kind event experience your guests won’t ever forget, and provides a high-level of customization to reinforce your private event’s theme.

Celebrity Headliners

Bravo! has a talent database containing thousands of well known acts and entertainment solutions for every type of event. For your private event, consider a celebrity headliner to entertain your guests. And, a veteran entertainment management partner, like Bravo! Entertainment, is essential for locking in top-level talent at a reasonable price.

Celebrity bookings are great for getting everyone talking about your private function before and after the event. It could be a renowned musical act, comedian, speaker, or other high-profile celebrity that perfectly syncs with your event and its audience.

#3 Interactive Entertainment for Fundraisers Nonprofit or Political

Bravo! Entertainment is your go-to partner for creating unforgettable fundraisers. We have 25 years of experience in booking and managing entertainment for events all over the world. Our team of experts knows how to strike the perfect balance of surprise, emotion, and fun to keep your audience energized and engaged in your event. 

Moreover, we carefully select talent and acts that match your event’s theme and have values aligned with your cause.

Cirque Aerial Silk

Cirque aerial silk performances are absolutely mind-blowing! Talented performers display incredible flexibility, strength, and artistry while gracefully hanging from the ceiling by flowing silks. The result? Breathtaking aerial spectacles that leave everyone at your fundraiser in awe. Prepare to take your fundraising efforts to new heights with this unforgettable experience!

Air Sculpture

Air sculpture uses inflatables, LED lights, choreography, and artists to create spectacular visual displays that defy expectations and gravity. These acts add a unique and memorable element that will leave your guests in awe. 

It’s an innovative and captivating type of entertainment that leaves audiences wide-eyed and baffled by the unique performance at your fundraiser. The show uses creative elements to enhance the atmosphere and foster an emotional connection between the audience and your fundraising cause.

Pancake Caricatures

Caricature artists can bring a lot of interactive fun to your event. We give it a novel spin by making caricatures for event-goers with pancakes as the medium. Your attendees will love seeing pancake batter being quickly molded and decorated into fun caricatures. And attendees get to walk away with a nice fluffy pancake to eat! Perfect for bringing a new interactive entertainment spin to your event.

Closing Thoughts on Interactive Entertainment Ideas

Bravo! Entertainment’s DecoTainment™ is a great option for private functions, fundraisers, and corporate events of any size. And there are endless possibilities for customizing your interactive, immersive event entertainment ideas to mesh with your event and help it reach a new level of success. With some imagination, you can tailor your occasions to ensure attendees have an unforgettable experience that will get everyone talking and boost your cause.