Successful events excite people before they even attend, then exceed all expectations. Having unique event entertainment ideas is a great place to start. But what professional performances will be a big hit with your audience?

Effective event planning and coordination are as important as the function itself. And the best entertainment ideas are those that match the tone and theme of your event and brand. They are unique, enjoyable, and engage an audience. A 2009 study found that people remember corporate events and other gatherings more when they arouse emotions[1].

this kind of entertainment helps event planners broaden perspectives and focus on providing the wow factor with their event’s entertainment. One way to accomplish this is by adding interactive, immersive experiences that turn passive onlookers into eager participants. Interactive functions are gaining traction as the go-to form of entertainment for events. Gone are the bland buffets, awkward dance floors, and stiff team-building gatherings of the past.

Interactive, Unique Event Entertainment Ideas that Work

If you can visualize your next event, Bravo! Entertainment can bring your vision to life. That’s thanks to our 30+ years in the entertainment industry and our signature DecoTainment™ acts. We deliver one-of-a-kind acts and immersive experiences that stand out and create memories.

Below are some world-class interactive, immersive private, brand, and corporate event entertainment ideas that are proven to work. These exciting side attractions and visually striking main productions guarantee to captivate your target audience. 

LED Cyr Wheels

This amazing act combines acrobatics, dance, music, and light to create a mesmerizing show. The performers wear lighted clothing that blends perfectly with dancing wheels fitted with LED to show color, patterns, and movement in concert with the performers movement and accompanying music. Your guests will be stunned by this one-of-a-kind electric light performance.

Bubbles You Can Eat (Any Flavor)

Don’t let the title put you off. A non-toxic, quick setup, edible bubble activation will set your event apart. Edible bubbles are great fun and an entertaining means to offer an on-the-go snack. It’s also a unique way for attendees to experience and remember your brand. Guests will be talking about their culinary bubble event experience long afterward.


Living Décor

Living decor is a customizable, unique, and interactive entertainment idea to enhance your event’s theme. The installations are real-life performers who act as living works of art. Options include living statues painted in silver, gold, or multicolored neon day glow. The performers pose as part of the event’s theme and blend into the décor, guaranteed to surprise and delight your eventgoers.

Cirque Style Aerialists

Aerial performance is a unique genre and art form that combines a variety of apparatus styles with athletics and acrobatics with dance and high-wire thrills. The result is eye-catching, awe-inspiring controlled movements through the air using flowing fabrics and interesting objects. The artists perform stunts in the form of wraps, drops, and climbs that onlookers won’t be able to take their eyes off.

Immersive, Unique Event Entertainment Acts that Work

Bravo! is a professional Entertainment agency with many unique, budget-viable entertainment ideas that turn passive audiences into enthusiastic participants. Moreover, our expertise and Decotainment™ acts guarantee to match your event’s tone, brand, and theme.

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Sway Poles

A brand new form of aerial performance, Sway pole entertainers have a hypnotic beauty, much like the aerial silk shows above. The artists will treat your audience to a unique visual display they will never forget. Event planners can work with sway pole artists to customize the act to match your event’s themes, brand, and mission. The best news? There are no extensive rigging needs at all, saving you money and bringing the “wow”! It’s a winning spectacle for any corporate event or private function.

Pictures in a Life-Size Snow Globe

Pictures in a Giant Life-Size Snow Globe is a one-of-a-kind Christmas attraction. Its unique appeal draws the crowds and has everyone talking about your event. 

This giant version of the handheld novelty globe doesn’t only imitate the real thing. It lets your guests enter the magical scene and capture memorable photo opportunities.

Close-Up Magic Acts

Close-up magic is a crowd-pleaser for any age group and guarantees to add the wow factor to your event. This classic art has been revitalized by recent success on shows like America’s Got Talent and are more popular than ever! Attention-grabbing acts like close-up magical performances and mentalism attract passersby as few acts can. Your captive audience gets to enjoy and interact with seemingly impossible tricks.

These talented magicians promise to enthrall the most skeptical of bystanders.

Digital Caricature Artists

Digital Caricature artists use their talent to sketch hilarious cartoon depictions of your guests to memorialize their event experience. They entertain and fascinate adults and kids alike. And everyone leaves with a caricature to remember the event by.  Sketch Artists do this on a digital platform so guests can watch the sketch come to life and instead of carrying a portrait around they have it delivered via email or text!  From corporate entertainment gatherings to private occasions, caricature artists are a winning act at any function.

Unique Event Entertainment Interactive Drink/Food Services

Why not make food & drink services an integral and exciting part of your event? Few attendees remember the quiet and polite servers working in the background. But unique, colorful interactive service experiences will get everyone talking. Here are a few options.

Champagne Dresses

Surprise your attendees with beautiful models offering champagne hanging off of their dresses and skirts. Or, invite your guests to self-serve directly off the diva’s gown. These stunning outfits come in various colors, styles, and sizes that complement your theme. 

This is one idea that really puts interactive entertainment into service.

Aerial Bartenders, Unexpected and Memorable

Need something with a wow factor the moment your guests are seated? Look no further than the unique, interactive spectacle known as aerial bartending. Imagine the response as beautiful aerial bartenders serve beverages to guests suspended and spinning above their tables.


Beverage Wall

A beverage wall is a welcome addition to any function. Done right, it serves as a stunning focal and meeting point for guests to pick up a drink and mingle on entry. 

Also, drink walls are easily customizable to blend with your brand and event theme.

Tailored Entertainment with Few Limits

Here are a few other Bravo! Entertainment ideas offer unique, interactive, and immersive experiences for events and audiences.

BRAVO! Entertainment Ideas for Memorable Events
3D Projection Mapping
Celebrity Headliners
Champagne Chandelier
Cirque Performances
BBQ Experiences
Fire Poi (Dancing Fire Performers)
Floating Pool Bubbles
Globetrotter’s Performance
Celebrity Chef Headliners
Interactive Activations
Interactive TV Characters
Live Mermaids for the Pool
Living Paintings
Live Music, Live Bands
Athletes, Comedians, and Comedy Acts
Participation Entertainment
Pig Races
Swimming Mermaids
Typewriter Poets
Visual Light and Dance Shows
Wild West Shows

Unique Event Entertainment Conclusion

Bravo! Entertainment ideas promise unique interactive and immersive experiences. We deliver more than 1,000 successful entertainment events every year. 

Bravo! events include private party entertainment ideas, trade show convention booths, and huge corporate events. And with 30 years of expertise, Decotainment™, and viable budget solutions, Bravo! guarantees to make your events stand out and memorable.

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